In recent time, more and more news about food printed on 3D printers. Today I would like to talk about edible dishes, and the unusual fruit on the simulator.

The problem of the modern food industry

Improper storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables directly affects the growth of their prices in stores. To monitor the correct storage and transportation of food, scientists have found an original solution in the form of an artificial 3D-printed simulator.

The technological specialists of the Swiss Federal laboratories Empa concerned about maintaining the desired cooling conditions for fruits and vegetables that are transported over long distances. Today, use special sensors to control the temperature of the container. They must be placed so that the conveyors can quickly identify any changes.

The main problem of the technology used is that the temperature readings may not accurately reflect the data within the pulp and hosts the largest portion of the nutritional value of products.

Fruit 3D simulator as the key to food security

Offered the researchers from Empa? Innovation is the application of artificial fruit devices designed to simulate the shape, size and pulp of real fruit. Initially, scientists have calculated the average fruit size mathematically. Then the device modeled in CAD.

Wall “spy” is quite thin, like the peel of this fruit. The internal space of the product is filled with gel for modeling cellulose. The shell of an Apple is printed from nylon plastic using selective laser sintering Materialize. The sensor is placed inside the fruit and record any temperature changes.

Empa have worked with the print of spies is not only for apples but also other fruits, including bananas, mangoes and lemons. The study, managed ThijsDefraeye, is now looking for investment to bring the production to a new level and even set the device with wireless connection for monitoring in real-time.


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