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3D printing and modern rhinoplasty

In the United States and Europe annually for rhinoplasty accepts more than a thousand people. The operation to fix the nose shape are very popular, as this part of the face is a Central and distance special attention.

The concept of “perfect nose”

Rhinoplasty is often a necessary surgery because of breathing difficulties or trauma. Sometimes patients just want to change their appearance. But in any case, many physicians focused on the study of the aesthetics and characteristics of the human nose.

Not long ago, Dr. Hernan Chinski and developed by Ricardo Lerch together have created an interesting application based on 3D printing. It is designed to help surgeons better understand the form and proportions of the nose.

Originally Kinski and Lerch have decided to understand what is the “ideal” nose. After studying this topic, the experts came to the conclusion that the nose must be in harmony with the other parts of the face, complementing them. The tip of the “perfect” nose should not be very sharp or very broad.

Of course, beauty and aesthetics are very subjective concepts, but experts proceeded from the generally accepted standards. As standards were used noses that most people find very beautiful in terms of proportions and shapes.


Dr. Hernan Chinski and developed by Ricardo Lerch used to create three-dimensional models of the “ideal nose” Sculptris, and then printed them on a 3D printer with open source.

Had some work to do before the result pleased. The fact that the slightest error in three-dimensional printing has a negative effect on the texture of the printed noses. In this case every millimeter was important. But in the end developers were able to choose the best materials and printing techniques to make prints look perfect and meets the accepted standards of beauty.

Now in offices and reception areas plastic surgeons will show off 6 three-dimensional models “perfect noses”. Thanks to them, doctors will be able to better study the proportions and anatomy before the upcoming operation. Future patients will have the opportunity to see how it will look in their nose after surgery. Models allow you to visualize the changes that will occur as a result of plastic surgery.


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