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3D printing desserts or chocolate

Just a couple of days ago, namely on July 7, we all celebrated the world day of chocolate. Additive technology is so developed that today, this holiday, it is possible to celebrate with a 3D dessert!

Printer to print chocolate

Manufacturers of three-dimensional printers offer a wide range of assemblies for printing on chocolate. As long As you can resist the temptation not to eat all the stocks of “consumable” before I can make something out of it to print. One of the printers that print chocolate that you can use at home, is ChocCreator V2.0 Plus from ChocEdge.

The device was presented to users in 2012. It was the first commercially available chocolate 3D printer. That is why the unit will always occupy a place of honor in the field of three-dimensional printing, and the history of chocolate. The latest model ChocCreator V2.0 Plus was released about two years ago. The company ChocEdge spent a lot of time and effort on improving the printer.

As the extruder uses a special syringe, allowing any chocolate products. Users can work with the already preloaded product designs or come up with your creations. ChocCreator V2.0 Plus is a compact desktop printer with large build volume: 18 x 18 x 4 cm the Desserts, which are printed on the printer, appear as a professional pastry.

Other options

If you have a free couple of thousand dollars to buy ChocCreator V2.0 Plus, you can build your own units from LEGO! A craftsman of gross ADEM was able to construct normal 3D printer out of Legos, and then decided to replace it with the extruder confectionery syringe.

For those who want to obtain a printed on a 3D printer sweets, be sure to consult the Smart Gastronomy Lab. She recently launched a campaign Miam Factory, offering custom-made chocolate products.

Babines also offers chocolates, printed by additive technology. However, to order and pick them up, you need to go to new York. And, of course, you cannot forget about FoodInk. This is a restaurant, where all meals, as well as some of the furniture are created using three-dimensional printing.


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