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3D printing prevents injuries in Pro sports

American football – sport traumatic. Bumps, acceleration, collisions – all of which can pose a serious threat to the health and even the lives of athletes. It is therefore important to use special protective equipment.


According to the American Academy of Neurology, more than 40% of NFL players had signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury. This causes concern for the health of the athletes.

Help, as always, came the technology of additive manufacturing. Three-dimensional printing has demonstrated promising potential to reduce the risk of injury, particularly in American football.

A number of research institutions and companies working with 3D technologies in the process of developing innovative protective helmets. Specialists Mostly focus on personalization of sports equipment to improve its protective properties. Autodesk, for example, aims to make the inventory more secure and “smart” through the use of complex micro-structures.


All used innovative methods based on three-dimensional printing or 3D scanning. They actively involve not only in the process of creating prototypes, but also the direct production of sports equipment.

Without the use of additive printing, it would be impossible to manufacture a helmet that would perfectly protect the head of a specific player. Also without it, it would be impossible to create micronised to improve the reliability of the helmet.

Except that 3D printing is useful when you create hats, it can also be used actively in the process of creating other protective items: knee pads, elbow pads, etc. damage to the ankles or the knees, the elbows also occur frequently in sports and “incapacitate” the players.

Sprains, dislocations, fractures are often so serious that they require surgery and long rehabilitation period. According to the sports doctors and the NFL, many of these injuries can be prevented if the players equipped with reliable security features, studded shoes.

There is just very useful and three-dimensional printing and three-dimensional scanning. Foot every athlete can scan and based on the obtained images to develop convenient, personalized and most importantly shoes.

Of course, injuries will always be associated with professional sports, but they can be substantially minimised by using 3D printing. That only is the individual manufacturer of shoes. It will fully replicate the shape and contours of the player’s feet, eliminating the discomfort and calluses.


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