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Добавление VR 360 формат можно:


video – url to 360 video .mp4 file (required if you add video)
img – url to photosphere image (required if you add photosphere)
pimg – preview image URL
width – in pixels or percent
height – in pixels or percent
stereo – value ‘true’ or ‘false’


[vrview video="URL for photosphere image"]
[vrview video="URL for 360 video .mp4 file"]
[vrview video="URL for 360 video .mp4 file" img="URL for video preview image"]
[vrview video="URL for photosphere" pimg="Optional URL preview photosphere photo for faster load"]
[vrview video="URL for photosphere" width="500" height="300"]
width="500" – set width to 500 pixels wide. if you want full/100% width you can use width="100%"
[vrview img="URL for photosphere" stereo="true"]
stereo image – default value is false.

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