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Here I want with friends in a warm country to move to. It turns out that not all countries can work.
Even some sites somewhere well, just don't open. Or providers you merge the police and prison.
Does anyone know? I would appreciate any information. Consider all the options except the us.
Very interested in Thailand.

Can who-thread knows, where can I see the list of these countries. Thank you!

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Let's unite and fly away to warmer mills! We have here a great gang in NY to Egypt went, and did not pozhaleli!
It was fun, just a little. Cameras are not enough, what would bystrosokhnuschie earn loot.
Imagine always warm and tan. You can collect a gang of 4-6 people to rent a private house or
Bungalow near the sea... Damn this is creepy went from such sweet dreams))
In General, all while only in projects and plans, but everything is real! There are also girls that do not hold here.
I see no reason not to join! 😆 😆 😆

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I work in Miami, FL over 2 years. Recommend

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By the way awesome idea!! For example, rent the trailer with the driver. Hire the guy who is responsible for the Mat.And forth across Europe. By the way , I personally would like the new year the Czech Republic to meet , but at the same time to work . Just not alone and with someone. Interestingly , the Studio our girls, so take out or scared ? In General, if there is such desire .......

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