We are glad to welcome you on the pages of GOLO service!

GOLO is a service where everyone can start selling their digital goods on favorable terms.

The service administration guarantees the storage of the files sold on the Service server and their issuance to the Buyer only after payment or immediately after ordering, if the goods do not require payment. The service administration never transfers the files placed by the Seller to third parties without payment or without the consent of the Seller.

When you publish the item, the Seller is obliged to observe the rules of publication described on page of publication product.

The seller assigns the value of the published product. The seller may at any time change the terms of distribution of his goods, as well as its description in the process of editing the goods.

For each published product, the Service automatically creates a support forum where Buyers, after purchasing the product, can get support from the Seller by creating a topic with a description of their question or problem. The seller is automatically notified on each case of creating a topic on the support forum for its product.

The main advantage of placing goods in the catalog of GOLO service is full automation of the process of sale and purchase.

Immediately after publication, the product becomes available for adding to the order of the buyer. After payment of the order by the buyer, the authors of the goods contained in this order, automatically receive on the balance of their profile accrual of funds in the amount of the cost of the purchased goods. The goods are considered to be paid only after receipt of funds, according to the specified value of the goods on the balance of the Seller.

The user who paid for the order also automatically receives a temporary link to download the archive of the purchased goods to his e-mail. Thus, full automation of the process of selling goods from the service catalog is achieved, without the need for direct interaction between the seller and the buyer.

The seller can at any time form a request for withdrawal of funds from his balance on the service, to the specified account of the available payment system through his personal account. The withdrawal request is processed by The service administration within two days. At the time of transfer of funds from the Seller’s balance to the account specified in the withdrawal request, the Service charges a Commission of 10% of the withdrawal amount.

To promote their products the Seller through your personal account can create a group where you can read news about products, promotions, discounts etc. Also, the Seller can advertise their products through the advertising network of the Service, while advertising products will show on the pages of the Service, as well as on the pages of partner sites.

All questions related to the operation of the service, the process of product publication and withdrawal of funds can be sent to the support e-mail

[email protected]