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HC Starck is a new metal powders for 3D printing

HC Starck is a German company that is a leader in the production of ceramic and metal materials, including 3D printing. This week the manufacturer has decided to expand its offerings, introducing to the market a line of metal powders for additive manufacturing.

An innovative line

Under the auspices of the HC Starck over 40 years produced AMPERSINT material, widely used in many industries, including: in the process of hot isostatic processing (HIP) and the casting metal under pressure (MIM).

Currently, the company introduced a new kind AMPERSINT – a special series of gas-atomized metal powders optimized for three-dimensional printing. The line includes three products:

  • Nickel consumable. Features high strength and oxidation resistance. Excellent for use in high temperatures.
  • Chrome cobalt. Has excellent mechanical properties, high corrosion and temperature resistance. Can be used in industrial sectors, including aerospace and Biomedicine.
  • Steel. Solid and durable material with high resistance to wear, abrasion, corrosion. Can be used in mechanical engineering, and medicine.

  • Unique opportunities and offers

    High quality powder AMPERSINT, developed by the specialists of HC Starck, suitable for special requirements, which can push 3D printing. They are characterized by high density, characterized by excellent fluidity.

    The company offers both standard kits and a unique composition of materials. Professionals can develop a powder that meets individual needs. It will feature unique morphology, the distribution of the particles.

    The company offers customers a unique opportunity: as soon as she develops, coordinates all the chemical and physical properties of the materials with the customer HC Starck begins to increase production at one of its three plants. No long-running processes and lengthy procedures, no waiting.


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