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How 3D printing helped in the production of electroanalyt

Planes that transporterowych people in a relatively short distance, often called the “LOGNAME jumpers” or puddle-jumpers. Unlike large aircraft, traveling between countries or even continents, these birds cross only a few hundred miles.

A new “bird” Alice

Eviation company, which manufactures electric aircraft. She is currently working on creating electric passenger puddle-jumper. Call the bird Alice. She can carry up to nine people at a distance of 600 miles.

Over the next four years the company plans to implement the regional air transport economical, and most importantly absolutely environmentally friendly vehicles. Eviation wants to compete with existing forms of air transit passengers by offering something new.

Using innovative elektronami, cities such as London and Paris, Beijing and Seoul will be able to become closer. The distance between them is not so big, so passengers can not fly a normal airliner, and a small Alice.

Fruitful cooperation Stratasys and Eviation

What’s unusual in new aircraft? In addition, they will be able to fly without fuel for their development and production are actively used three-dimensional printing. For this Eviation asked for help Stratasys.

What was so useful 3D printing? Its use has helped to test a new project in “real time.” In General, the application of additive manufacturing has reduced capital expenditure even if the acceleration phase of rapid prototyping. In two years the company managed to save several hundred thousand dollars through collaboration with Stratasys.

The production of lightweight parts with complex geometry and maximum reliability, rapid prototyping test parts and tools, the merits of 3D printing.

Let’s look at a concrete example of the use of additive printing. Engineers had to create the outer part of the aircraft with smooth curved surface to reduce the resistance of the constriction. They were printed on a 3D printer composite ULTEM 1010, and then coated with carbon fiber. Details get the desired shape and strength, had little weight.


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