Terms and conditions for sellers and buyers of digital goods golo.pro

Dear visitors and customers!Read these rules in detail to avoid conflict situations.
If you are not sure that the digital goods you purchase are really necessary for you or you doubt the compliance of the declared functionality with your requirements, then we kindly ask you to refuse the purchase until you have full confidence in its necessity. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to share them before buying, for this on our website there is a forum, a system of commenting products, private messages between users and mail support. Let’s save your and our nerves.

Administration service for selling digital products golo.pro (hereinafter Service) provides the possibility of selling digital goods (hereinafter the Goods) third-party users and developers.The Service has the legislation of the Russian Federation and all disputes are resolved taking into account this legislation.The service does not check the copyright of the goods sold.

All responsibility for the content of the Goods, its design and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation rests entirely with the user who added the Goods and its description to the service (hereinafter the Author).
The service is not engaged in support of the goods sold and advising users who have downloaded the Goods (hereinafter referred to as Buyers) on their service and how to use them.Iya them.
All questions related to the warranty service of the goods sold, Customer support and advice on the maintenance and use of the goods sold are assigned to their Authors through the means of communication between users of the Service or in any other way.The service has the right at any time to change or remove the products of users, if there is a violation of any paragraph of the rules on the design of Goods or the order of their distribution on the Service.

The author must:

post a complete description of their Goods, following all rules of the Service about how to add to Tovarovedenija support to buyers of its Tovarosoprovoditelnoj to advise users on the use of their Products and to solve problems of the Buyers of their Products when they ispolzovaniiem to amend the description of the Item if it neobhodimosti items, if the sale has ended and is no longer assumed


Digital goods are distributed as is, without any liability on the part of the developer of this product for the consequences caused to the buyer of this product after its purchase.
If the digital product has a domain binding:it requires additional activation with a special key.
Terms of distribution of this product provide for its use within the same domain.To use it on other domains, and therefore other sites need to purchase an additional license.The distribution terms of the health issues are not relevant.
If you decide to change the domain on which you will use the plugin, we ask you to send a support request in a reply letter.

Goods purchased on this site are intangible, and therefore they can not be returned physically, so the purchased digital goods are not refundable.

The reason for the refund spent on the purchase of the plug-in may be a fatal problem in the operation of this plug-in, or the discrepancy of the declared functionality to the current.
If the buyer of a digital product declares that it is inoperable, the support service may require to verify this by requesting access to the administrative part of the client’s site on which the installation and activation of the purchased digital product is made.

The site is valid Public offer. Placing an order on the solo website.pro buyer agrees to the terms of the public offer completely and without any reservations.