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Qlone: 3D scanning for the iPhone

Three-dimensional scanning remains an interesting direction, which simultaneously distance and scares. Studying this topic, you will surely encounter many unfamiliar concepts and terms. The process of transformation of the scanned model to a file with the finished image is particularly complex. Many issues are scanner settings, select scanning device and to work with him.

As the phone turns into a three-dimensional scanner?

Despite the fact that the area of three-dimensional scanning for many it remains a mysterious it becomes more accessible in terms of cost and ease of use. Today, even ordinary smartphone can be used as a 3D scanner. Just download the app Qlone. With it, you can turn the camera on your iPhone or iPad in a three-dimensional scanner.

All you have to do: print on a large sheet of paper with a QR code on it to place the scanned object, and take photographs around the camera on your “epplovskoy” device. On the phone or iPad will appear a kind of “dome augmented reality” that will help you recognize and fix basic forms and elements of the scanned item. The app is complemented by simple modifiers Texture, Art, Sculpt, Clean and Resize, by which scanning is greatly simplified.

The functionality of the new application

Qlone is a product developed by EyeCue Vision Technologies. This Israeli technology company. The last 10 years she was engaged in creating solutions and programs for voice recognition. Now the Israeli developers decided to focus on the democratization of 3D scanning. They want to relieve users from the long export of scanned images to a computer, uploading them to Shapeways, Sketchfab or CGTrader.

Qlone allows you to perform the entire process using only the apps on your iPhone. Scanned images can be easily exported to popular formats including STL, OBJ, PLY and X3D. The app Also syncs with social channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and email. That is, you can instantly share your scans with others. In addition, the program is integrated with popular platforms for three-dimensional printing, including Shapeways, Sketchfab and CGTrader.

The app is available on iTunes and soon will be developed for Android.


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