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Review of the best 3D pens for professionals

Three-dimensional handles not only help to pass the time, but also to develop creative skills. Many artists and sculptors use similar devices to create their finest masterpieces. If you learn to work with conventional 3D-handle, then you’ll appreciate the list of 5 best selling and popular models for professionals.

No. 1: HATCHBOX 3DPrinting Pen & Clones$30

Made entirely of plastic, so it’s a very small weight (only 50 grams). Removable nozzle, which is heated, is made from ceramics. Small size model can print ABS and PLA plastic. Information on the status of work is displayed on the OLED screen (temperature and type of the thread used). Due to this the pen becomes very easy to operate. There are buttons of adjustment of temperature and printing speed. Cost from$ 30 to$110.

No. 2: PACKGOUT 3D Printing Pen & Clones from 39$

Like other models, this unit allows you to adjust the printing temperature and speed of extrusion, and also choose the filament (PLA or ABS). Has a very quiet operation. After 5 minutes of inactivity switches to standby mode. All input data is displayed on the LCD screen. There is also a system of cleaning nozzles. Sold at a price of 39-80$.

No. 3: MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen & Clones$50

Simple and easy to use 3D pen is based on FDM technology. The OLED display, the device indicates the material used for printing, and the heating temperature of the nozzle. The latter figure, incidentally, can be easily adjusted in increments of 1 degree (in the range from 130° to 240° C). The slider on the side allows you to adjust the speed of the extrusion. By clicking 2 times on the print button, the material is extruded from the nozzle in a continuous mode, without having to constantly hold the button. The nozzle is removable so it is easy to clean. The model weighs only 40 grams. Cost: from$ 50 to$70.

No. 4: Morph Professional Pen 3D Pen for$50

One of the few models of “thin” grips. Ergonomic design, the presence of buttons temperature control makes it easy to use. Can print both PLA and ABS filaments. The LCD display shows the temperature of the heating nozzle. Features auto standby mode, the button Extrude, system clean-up.

No. 5: Smarson 3D Printing Pen for 51$

The handle is equipped with a LCD display showing current temperature of heating of the nozzle. Buttons around the LCD display allow you to precisely adjust the temperature and choose the material for printing. On the right side is a button to adjust the speed of extrusion. While there is a heated pen, the red lamp is on when the heating process is completed, the light up blue led.


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