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Robotic 3D printing construction projects

In may, the experts of the construction industry met in Barcelona at the 20th annual Building Barcelona-Construmat. This conference contributes to development of innovations in the construction industry. One of the active participants of the event were the Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

OnSiteRobotics and its features

IAAC has an impressive experience in the field of three-dimensional printing of construction projects. Special attention deserves the last project OnSiteRobotics. Its main idea is to use large robots print large-scale structures directly on the construction site.

According to IAAC, robotic systems are easily assembled and installed, is simple and inexpensive to maintain. They attach to special cables to provide greater freedom of movement. Their main advantage is the printing large and unusual shaped structures.

On the construction site are also used unmanned aerial vehicles developed by Noumena. They help constructive robots, by controlling the drying process of printed objects. We use a special thermal camera.

The benefits of new technology

The use of three dimensional technologies together with the cable robots and unmanned aerial vehicles guarantees a fast and relatively cheap construction. IAAC is actively experimenting with natural materials: unfired clay, geopolymers, recycled compounds from waste.

New methods and technologies proposed by the Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia, reduce economic and environmental impacts of traditional construction processes. Traditional construction technologies are expensive logistics, transport of materials, a large amount of emitted carbon dioxide.

Another distinct advantage of an innovative method – freedom of design. This is easily seen in the object represented by IAAC in Barcelona Construmat Building.

OnSiteRobotics opens up new possibilities in the creation of durable, reliable and attractive from a design point of view buildings. While the facility is being built much faster than when using classic technologies.


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