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The role of 3D printing in the creation of a huge bronze sculptures

Julian Voss-Andrea is an artist, used the additive technology for sculptures large bronze sculptures. 3D printing with subsequent direct injection allows him to create sculptures of incredible shapes. The cost of creating such masterpieces comparable to traditional methods of hand sculpting.

The original creation just for the 100,000 hours

The figure of a woman, created by Julian, will soon stand near the building of Georgia Tech in Georgia. In addition, the shape of the sculpture itself is impressive, it features an open design. In this translucent sculpture will be possible to grow plants, what makes the song original and fabulous.

Additive printing were used to produce forms, which are later filled with bronze. To create the masterpiece took about 100,000 hours. They were all spent on printing of 100 pieces of forms. Printed forms for moulding of PLA-fibres. To work used printer LulzBots.

The secrets of creation

How was the process? Initially the forms were printed on a three-dimensional printer, after which is treated with a special sealant to smooth the surface. After this, they were immersed in a ceramic slurry. Once the ceramic shell corresponded to the desired thickness, the form was sent to the oven where it burned the sample PLA. In the end, smoothing the form in which is poured the molten bronze.

After cooling, the bronze forms are easily separated, and the bronze structures were subjected to sandblasting. The result was a homogeneous and smooth part. For Assembly all parts into a single sculpture used welding. To properly stack all of the parts had to suffer. The sculptor admits that the job was like a puzzle, or a puzzle, only on a large scale.

The symbiosis of three-dimensional printing and injection molding provides a huge potential not only for sculptors. The use of these technologies can be very useful in the jewelry industry, the fine arts, as well as in industrial sectors.

LulzBots is a 3D printer open source that the artist was very pleased. He said that the machine was very useful and convenient in the process of creating forms, layouts, and prototype sculptures. The important thing is that they allow you to cast large scale bronze sculptures with a relatively small budget. Additive technology helps sculptors to experiment with forms and concepts.

Appreciate the sculpture by viewing the following video:

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Uploaded by Julian Voss-Andreae on 2017-06-15.


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